Kodisto can provide a website hosting solution to meet any budget and have extensive experience with websites of all sizes; whether you have 1000 visitors per day or 1000 orders per minute we can provide a website hosting solution for you.

Kodisto recognises that every customer is different. We know that some customers will know exactly what they want for their website hosting solution and they will either prefer a cloud hosting solution or a metal hosting solution. We also know that some customers don’t really know what they want or don’t have a preference either way as long as it performs well for their business.

Kodisto can provide both a cloud hosting solution and a metal hosting solution for any size customer that will perform consistently, provide high availability and withstand high traffic.

Kodisto provide a service level agreement guaranteeing 99.9% uptime regardless of the solution put in place and provide a credit to your account should that service level agreement be broken over the period of one month.